Automatic Actions is a feature where regular action requests like Scanning, Forwarding, Recycling and Shredding are requested automatically, based on your set timing.

To apply Automatic Actions follow these steps:

  • Log into your Dashboard, click on Settings
  • Select Automatic Actions, from the left submenu.
  • Click the Add button, and it will take you to Automatic Actions page with 3 options Timing, Mail Types and Actions
  • Click Save to save information.

Timing is when you want the selected action request to happen.

  • Upon assignment 
    • The action request selected will immediately be executed as soon as new mail comes into your Inbox.
    • Once the operator assigns a piece of mail,  it will automatically go to your Pending folder, and it will be waiting for the operator to complete that action request.
  • Day(s) of the Week 
    • This option lets you set the day (Monday to Sunday) the action request will happen.
  • Day(s) of the Week (Bi-weekly)
    • The action request selected will be executed on a specific day or days of the week, every two weeks.
  • Day(s) of the Month
    • This option lets you set a specific date of the month the action request will happen.

Note: Put 31 for end month instructions, the system will automatically adjust to the last day of the month.

  • Before accruing storage fees
    • This option executes the action request before the mail item starts incurring storage fees.
  • Age of a mail item in days
    • This option lets you enter a specific number of days before the system executes the action request for your mail items.
  • First specific day of the Month
    • This option allows you to select the first specific day of the month on which the action request will be executed. (e.g. First Monday of the month).
  • Last specific day of the Month
    • This option lets you select the last specific day of the month that  the action request will be executed (e.g. Last Friday of the month)

Mail types - here you can select the mail types that will be affected by the Automatic Action.

  • Any - is for any kind of mail items 
  • Specific - is used to further define mail items to be scanned, forwarded, recycled and shredded. (e.g. Standard Envelope, Small Box) 


  • Open and Scan -  to request for open and scan.
  • Forward -  you need to fill out the Forwarding Address, Service Preference, Fulfillment Type, With Insurance, With Tracking and Notes to the Operator.

Notes: International forwarding addresses are not included. Kindly go to your Inbox to request international forwarding.

  • Recycle - to request for the physical mail item to be thrown away or discarded
  • Shred - to request confidential documents to be shredded.
  • Click Save to save information. 

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