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How To Set Up Automatic Actions

Automatic Actions allow you to automatically request regular actions such as Scanning, Forwarding, Recycling, and Shredding based on your set timing. Here's how to apply Automatic Actions:

  1. Log in to your Dashboard and click on Settings.

  2. Select Automatic Actions from the left submenu.

  3. Click the Add button, and you will be taken to the Automatic Actions page with three options: Timing, Mail Types, and Actions.

  4. Choose your preferred options and click Save to save your information.

Timing refers to when you want the selected action request to occur. Here are your options:

  • Upon assignment: The action request selected will be executed as soon as new mail comes into your Inbox.

  • Day(s) of the Week: Set the day (Monday to Sunday) when the action request will happen.

  • Day(s) of the Week (Bi-weekly): The action request selected will be executed on specific days of the week, every two weeks.

  • Day(s) of the Month: Set a specific date of the month when the action request will happen. Note that if you put 31 for end month instructions, the system will automatically adjust to the last day of the month.

  • Before accruing storage fees: Execute the action request before the mail item starts incurring storage fees.

  • Age of a mail item in days: Enter a specific number of days before the system executes the action request for your mail items.

  • First specific day of the Month: Select the first specific day of the month on which the action request will be executed (e.g. First Monday of the month).

  • Last specific day of the Month: Select the last specific day of the month that the action request will be executed (e.g. Last Friday of the month).

Under Mail Types, you can choose the mail types that will be affected by the Automatic Action:

  • Any: For any kind of mail items.

  • Specific: To further define mail items to be scanned, forwarded, recycled, and shredded (e.g. Standard Envelope, Small Box).

Finally, select your preferred action from the following options:

  • Open and Scan: Request for open and scan.

  • Forward: Fill out the Forwarding Address, Service Preference, Fulfillment Type, With Insurance, With Tracking, and Notes to the Operator. Note that international forwarding addresses are not included. Kindly go to your Inbox to request international forwarding.

  • Recycle: Request for the physical mail item to be thrown away or discarded.

  • Shred: Request confidential documents to be shredded.

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