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Mail Life Cycle

Once your mail item is scanned into our platform, it enters the Inbox and begins its life cycle. From there, you can request actions on any mail item. If you select an action, such as forwarding the item to another address, it will move to the Pending folder until the operator completes the requested action. Once completed, the item will move to the Completed folder.

Mail items in the Completed folder will never be deleted, but the Trash folder is emptied of items older than 30 days. You can move a mail item to the Trash folder only after you've done a Final Action request, such as Shred, Recycle, Forward, or Mark as Picked Up.

Please note, If you choose to have a mail item opened and scanned, you must choose a final action for the item after viewing its contents. If you don't select a final action (recycle, shred, etc.), storage fees may apply.

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