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Service Plan Allowance Breakdown

Each service plan includes specific allowances and limits for ancillary actions, which reset on the 1st of each month. 

The details of inclusions and additional costs for exceeding limits are outlined for individual each plan.

Here's a breakdown of each service:

Incoming Mail

  • This service allows you to receive a certain amount of mail items per month

  • Each additional mail item beyond the stated included in the plan will have an additional cost per item

  • A mail item can be a standard envelope or letter, or package

  • When an incoming piece of mail is received, the mailbox location will take a picture of the front of the envelope or the label of the package, and upload it to the portal

  • Each uploaded mail item counts as one piece of mail towards the plan's limit

  • All mail will be uploaded to your mailbox account that is received (solicited OR unsolicited/junk email)

Open and Scan

  • With this service, you are able to request a scanned PDF copy of the contents of a mail item (letter mail items only)

  • When requested, the mailbox location will open the mail and scan the contents for up to a certain amount of pages, all of which are covered by the monthly service plan

  • If the free-page limit is exceeded, then you will incur an additional charge per page


  • With this service, you can request the mailbox location to forward mail to another address

  • Shipping fees will apply

  • To forward multiple mail items, you have the option to select multiple mail items and bundle/request them together

Check Deposit

  • This service allows you to request that a check be deposited into a bank of their choice.

  • Not all of the mailbox locations offer this service.

  • If this service is offered by a mailbox location, the process involves the mailbox location filling out a deposit slip and depositing the check on your behalf

Recycling and Shredding 

  • This service allows you to request your mail to be discarded

  • For recycling mail items:

    • The mailbox location will discard their mail item in the trash

  • To shred mail items:

    • The mailbox location will securely shred the mail items to protect the privacy of the mail item

Local Pickup

  • This service allows you to collect any mail items from the mailbox physically

  • If there is any additional charge for this service, it will stated in your service plan 

Physical Storage

  • Please note that due to limited space, many mailbox locations charge a fee for storing physical mail items for an extended period of time.

  • The cost and day allowance for different types of mail items may vary depending on the mailbox location.

  • Once a mail item or package is uploaded to your Anytime Mailbox portal, storage fees begin to accrue starting from day one

  • You must take a final action request in the portal after viewing the mail item to inform the mailbox location of what to do with the mail item.

  • If a you fail to take any action, after a set amount of time (stated in your service plan), the item will start to incur additional storage fees.

Online Storage

  • All mail is securely stored online with no limit, indicated as unlimited in service plans

Additional Recipients

  • This service allows you to add another recipient onto their mailbox account to also receive mail items at that particular mailbox

  • A recipient can be a person's name or a business name

  • Verification documents are required for each recipient added to a mailbox, so that they are able to receive mail

    • This is required for married couples, family members, or anyone else using the mailbox

  • If a mail item is received by the mailbox location and the recipient name does not match any verified names on the mailbox account, the mailbox locationmay ship the mail back to the sender.

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