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Why Am I Being Charged For Storage Fees When I Have Already Collected My Mail?

If you have already collected your mail and are being charged for storage fees, it may be because your collected mail has not been marked as "Picked-Up" by your mail center operator. It is important to ensure that all collected mail is properly accounted for to avoid additional charges.

Please note that all storage fees are system-generated, and if the system does not recognize that your physical mail has been picked up, it will assume that it is still being stored by your mail center operator.

We advise you to monitor your Virtual Mailbox regularly by checking the "Action Required" area to see if any mail items are about to incur storage fees. Additionally, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the Mail folders on your dashboard to better manage your mail and avoid any unwanted fees.

You may contact your mailbox location if you have any questions regarding marking your mail items as picked up. For help on this, you can refer to the article HERE 

For more information about storage fees in general, please click here.

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