The dashboard, the very first page you see after logging in, shows you a summary of your mailbox.


  • All new mail and mail that has been viewed only with no action request
  • Count indicator shows the number of mail items in that folder (not just new items)

Action Required

  • All mail items requiring an action to be taken by the renter (you)
  • These warning messages may appear:
    • “Mail item is about to incur storage fees” is shown 5 days before the end of the number of free days
    • “Mail item is incurring storage fees” is shown if the mail item is beyond the number of free days
    • “Follow-up action is required” is shown after an Open & Scan has been completed to remind the renter another action must be selected or storage fees will apply

Recently Completed

  • Shows mail item action requests that were completed by your mail center in the past 7 days

Additionally, you can see your address. Please use it exactly as it is spelled on this page.

For any support on your mailbox, you will find the contact details of your mail center.

For more information on the Mail folders, check out this video.

Also, check out this article that explains the Mail folders in detail.

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