Check out this short clip above explaining the Renter Dashboard and folders.

After clicking on at the top of your platform, the series of folders along the left of your display will now be broken into three groups:

First Folder Group (Inbox, Pending, Action Required) → all mail that is physically onsite with your mailbox provider.

  • Inbox
  • All new mail and mail that has been viewed only with no action request
  • Count indicator shows the number of mail items in that folder (not just new items)
  • Pending
  • All mail where an action has been requested but not fulfilled yet by the mail center operator
  • Count indicator shows number of mail items in that folder
  • Action Required
  • All mail items requiring an action to be taken by the renter (you)
  • These warning messages may appear:
  • “Mail item is about to incur storage fees” is shown 5 days before the end of number of free days
  • “Mail item is incurring storage fees” is shown if the mail item is beyond the number of free days
  • “Follow-up action is required” is shown after an Open & Scan has been completed to remind the renter another action must be selected or storage fees will apply

 You can go into this folder directly from your Renter Dashboard (see below)

Second Folder Group (Completed, various subfolders) → Mail where an action request has been completed and the mail is no longer physically present at the mailbox provider (except Completed Open and Scan Requests)

  • Completed — mail items with completed action requests (includes sub-folders Open & Scanned, Forwarded, Checks Deposited, Picked Up, Recycled, and Shredded)

    • Open & Scanned — all Open & Scanned items regardless of whether a follow-up action has been requested or not, which means some of these items could still be onsite and others might be physically gone from the location.

      • NOTE: Folder does not show if mailbox does not have the ability to request the specific action

    • Forwarded, Picked Up, Recycled, Shredded — shows all mail for that particular category

      • NOTE: Folder does not show if mailbox does not have the ability to request that particular action

  • Keep in mind: 

    • Mail items that are in final status (meaning they are no longer physically present) will stay in the completed folder AND one of its subfolders

    • The renter can choose to delete the item, which will remove it from the subfolder and place it into the trash

Third Folder Group (Trash) → mail images that you no longer want.

  • Items will stay in the folder for 30 days before being completely removed.

  • You can push items between the Trash and Completed folders (Archive).

Action Alerts

  • An alert will appear if a mail item requires a final action by the Renter. The alerts will either state, “Mail Item is about to incur a storage fee” or “Mail Item is incurring storage fees.” You will find instructions on how to avoid storage fees here or by clicking on “storage fees” within the alert.

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