The mail pick up update will help you manage your virtual mailbox effectively. We have set pick up instructions in your Dashboard to schedule your mail pick up and to prevent incurring storage fees.

  • Log into your Dashboard, click on Inbox
  • Click on the Mail Items you would like to pick up by selecting the check box to the left

Note: Select the check box to the left if you are logged in to the Desktop portal. And for Mobile App click on the double check marks at the top right to show the checkbox next to the mail item. It allows you to request specific Mail items you want to pick up.

  • Click on the Action menu and select Pick Up. This will send a notification to the Mail Center Operator, letting them know you would like to pick up your Mail

Depending on how your mail center operator set the pick up timing, you may be asked to drop by during business hours, schedule an appointment, or wait for the Operator to let you know that the mail items are ready for pick up.

  • During Business Hours
  • You can visit the mail room anytime during business hours. No appointment scheduler will pop up in your Dashboard. This expires after 7 days from date of request.

  • By Appointment 
  • You will be prompted to select a Date and Time to pick up your Mail items during Business Hours

  • Pending Preparation
  • After the pickup request the mail room operator will prepare for the pickup and you will be notified when your Operator marks it ready for pickup.

You will receive an automatic email notification once you select Pick Up. This will let you know the Date and Time to pick up your Mail items. It will also let you know the expiration date to the scheduled Mail pick up.

If you do not show up by the scheduled date, it will automatically be put back in your inbox and you may start incurring storage fees. When this happens, you will get an email notifying you that the pickup request has expired. The requested Mail items will return to your Inbox.

Note: If you have picked up your Mail and it was not marked as Picked Up contact your Mail Center Operator to have this corrected. Remember to always monitor your Virtual Mailbox by checking the Action Required area to see if any Mail Items are about to incur storage fees.

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